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QCMS has delivered to every customer a consistent and personalised service to ensure the benefits realisation and client's satisfaction with the Information Technology solutions. The following is a list of major clients serviced by QCMS:

  • Brisbane City Council
    Business Analysis for openDooRS Project, Dev and Regulatory Services.
    Business Analysis for Customer Integration Project.
    Project Management for Implementation of Library Mgmt System.
    Design and development of River City Technology's Intranet Service.
    Development of Concept Proposal & Business Cases for C&ED Branch.
    Brisbane Water - Business Analysis for IT Architecture Project.
    Brisbane Water - Development of IT Operational Plan Project.
    Brisbane Water - Prepare IT Strategic Plan for 1996-1998.
    Technical Consultant for Works Maintenance Branch computerisation project.

  • Queensland Health Department
    Project Management for Infrastructure Projects - Information Services Branch.

  • Synapsis Medical Technologies Inc (Los Angeles, USA)
    Development of Medical System modules for world market.

  • Qld Department of Natural Resources and Water
    Provide business and financial advise/solutions within ITS Facilities Management Services (FMS).

  • Department of Communities, Shared Information Solutions
    Document the development of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between SIS and its Client Agencies.

  • Gold Coast City Council
    ICT Management support, Strategic Planning, Implement new IT iniatives.

  • MSB Sydney Ports Authority (NSW)
    ICT Management support, Migration to Open Systems and Development.

  • WESTPAC Bank
    Design and Development of Overseas Notes and Coin Register system.
    Design and Development of an Inventory Control system.
    Design and Development of a Voucher Storage Management system.

  • ABC Programmers Pty. Ltd.
    Several Consulting Assignments and system development.

  • Port of Brisbane Authority
    ICT Management support, development and implementation of financial and Port Management application systems.

  • Totalisator Administration Board of Qld
    MIS Planning and Support Management for Telephone Betting System.

  • ComputerAcc Service Bureau P/L
    Programming and implementation services.

  • F. L. Hudson & CO.
    Programming services.

  • Bayside Physical Therapies Clinic
    Design, Development, Implementation and Marketing of MediPrac system.

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